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HL Worldwide Logistics

1) HL WORLDWIDE LOGISTICS is not responsible for total or partial loss, Total or partial damage of goods that are not insured by the Transport Insurance Services offered by our company.


2. In cases Insurance claims in shipments insured through our service a) HL WORLDWIDE LOGISTICS, only has the function of providing the necessary support in Insurance claim process, which process is always done directly by the customer to the Insurer, without any liability on our part such payment. b) HL WORLDWIDE LOGISTICS, reserves the right, as a condition for support the management COMPLAINT The request full payment of freight and services invoiced by boarding subject of claim, even where the Customer enjoy some credit  terms with our company, and that the invoice has not yet expired in his payment date. c) All kinds of support in the management of insurance claim must of having started on time and Part Client, according to the stipulated in the quotations of the insurance service and the corresponding certificate issued.


3. HL WORLDWIDE LOGISTICS  notes that: It does not take any responsibility for variations, corrections gauging errors statements by the Customer, taxes, customs claims and other charges that his (s) shipment (s) can potentially generate to the Customs Authorities and Audit, or any other dependencies governmental or private, as well as ports, airports, surcharges fees or delays in shipping lines and other companies involved in the Function Customs Post, according to the provisions of the Act and RECAUCA CAUCA force, or any other supervisory law of any other Country in the world.


4) The ORIGINAL documents is not valid as accreditation of shipment without presentation of the valid PAYMENT RECEIPT original, stamp and signature by the authorized Person.  


5) In case of execution, waive the address, payment requirements and paperwork

Executive trial.


6) This INVOICE accrue monthly interest after 30 days from the date of maturity, according to National bank reserve of higher Honduras force. The surcharge interests not indicate extension of term.


7) If HL WORLDWIDE LOGISTICS have to require payment of accounts due to the Customer, via the legal, legal fees and costs of such action, risk borne by the Customer in its entirety.

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